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Variable Wires & Cables

Power cables

Power cables are principally used for power transmission and distribution systems (overhead, underground and submarine) in the power and other industries. We manufacture a range of cables with high to low voltage and different sheathings such as PVC, XLPE, flame retardant and low smoke. The main structural components of power cables include conductor, insulation and sheath.

Control cables

Control cables send signals to control the functioning of an equipment and allow distribution of data or signals that have low voltage. Designed specifically for automation controls, these cables have a copper conductor, which is enveloped in galvanized steel braid. These cables usually bear a PVC/XLPE insulation that protects them from impacts and harsh climatic conditions.

Instrumentation cables

Instrumentation cables find a wide variety of applications for process instrumentation for measurement, supervision and control of the process in oil & gas, power generation and distribution, auto, chemical and mining industries. With very low level of electrical signal passing through these cables which are also prone to external interferences during transmission, these cables demand stringent quality requirements and special electrical properties. The tinned copper conductors are laid up in pair/triad /quad either overall shielded or individually and overall shielded.

Solar cables

DC solar cables are used as inter-connection cables for connecting different photovoltaic modules in air or conduit. LT solar AC cables are used for connection of inverter to transformer in air/underground trays whereas HT Solar AC cables are used for connecting transformer to the grid in air/underground trays. Solar cables must withstand extreme weather conditions, be flame and fire retardant and operate at consistent high temperatures.

Building Wires

Our building wires are environmentally friendly and suitable to use where high flexibility is of prime importance. The wires are also ideal for indoor- and outdoor-applications and building electrification in various industries, household appliances such as power-supply for refrigerators and air conditioners. Our wires possess high safety and fire performance standards which meets the stringent European Euroclass of Construction Product Regulations and are therefore environmentally sustainable. It is energy efficient, recyclable, compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC, fire retardant, has low smoke density and emits fewer toxic gases in extreme fire situations.

Flexible single/Multi core

We manufacture energy efficient class 5 wire with different insulation properties such as PVC, heat resistant flame retardant ("HRFR"), heat resistant ("HR") and high resistant-flame retardant low smoke ("HR-FRLS"). These are constructed from 0.5 to 1000 Sq.mm. in single core copper rods, and (2C - 61C) * (0.5 Sq.mm.- 4.0 Sq.mm.), (2C- 4C) * (6 Sq.mm.- 120 Sq.mm.) in multicore segment copper rods.

Communication cables

We manufacture a wide variety of communication cables which include telephone cables, LAN cables, co-axial cables and speaker cables.

Other cables

We also manufacture other cables including welding cables, submersible flat and round cables, rubber cables, overhead conductors, railway signaling cables and specialty cables. Our specialty cables can be used for various applications such as marine, oil and gas, extreme fire conditions, space station cables and traffic signaling.