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Pressure Gauges

Differential and duplex differential pressure gauges are designed for the oil and gas, alternative fuels, chemical, HVAC, refrigeration and air handling industries. These differential and duplex pressure gauges are for measuring high and low pressure and static process pressures. Differential pressure and duplex pressure gauges are for measuring 2 applied pressures.

BMT Bimetal Temperature Gauges:
BMT Temperature Gauge operating on the Bimetal coil principle meets the general industrial and OEM temperature measurements. Size: 63mm, 100mm, 150mm
Accuracy: Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range:-50 to 400 °C, -80 to 750°F
Wetted Material:SS316L

GTS Gas Filled Temperature Gauges
Mass® GTS inert gas actuated Temperature Gauge is a reliable instrument that can fit in to variety of applications. Features include rugged construction, fast response time, high repeatability, small hysteresis and electrical contacts.
Size: 100mm, 115mm, 150mm
Accuracy:Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range:-50 to 500 °C, -80 to 950°F
Wetted Material:SS316L

MTS, Mercury Filled Temperature Gauges
Size: 100mm, 150mm
Accuracy: Class 1 (EN-13190)
Range: -38 to 650 °C, -35 to 1200°F
Wetted Material: SS316L

Gauge Cock,Snubber & Accessories

We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Gauge Cock and needle valve. Designed in compliance with industrial standards these cock and valve are widely used for isolating the pressure gauge from pressure medium or to throttle and to damp pressure pulses. These are widely appreciated for reliability and application specific design.

General instruments has built reputation for manufacturing standard instrumentation / tube fittings as well as customized fittings based on client requirements and various process applications. General Compression tube fittings are double ferrule type fittings which provide leak-proof, torque-free seals at the tubing connection. They provide safety and eliminates hazardous leaks of fluids in instrumentation field for a process, pressure, hydraulic and other applicable tubing systems.