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Digital Indicatores and Controllers

Digital Indicators and Controllers

Digital Indicators and Controllers manufactured by us include panel mounting indicators, process controllers, Differential Pressure Indicators, Digital Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Jumbo Sized Display Indicators. The Universal Input Indicators can accept selectable inputs of RTD Pt-100, All Thermocouples, Analog 4-20mA, Voltage 0-1V.D.C. or 0-10V.D.C. Available in panel mounting sizes of 96 x 96, 48x48, 96 x 48 mm. Additional features include 4-20mA Retransmission Output, RS 485 Communication & upto 4" Large Size Displays.
The range covers a wide spectrum of products offering indication and control in various formats, some of which are :
⇒ Digital Indication – LCD and LED in various dimensions & executions
⇒ Numeric and Alphanumeric Indicators
⇒ Loop Powered Indicators
⇒ Bar-Graph Indicators
⇒ Battery powered Indicators
⇒ Multiple Relay control outputs
⇒ Various Control actions – like On-Off, PID, Time delay, etc.
These micro-controller based Digital Indicators and Controllers are also offered in several dimensions in panel mounted execution and operate on AC or DC power supply, as required.
Options include analog retransmission signals, DIN rail mount / weather-proof / flame-proof executions, Remote Control operation, etc.